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My photography is either about capturing memories or capturing beauty – sometimes there is an overlap.  Those posted here are primarily of the second kind.


Capturing beauty happens in two steps.  First, beauty must be discovered.  Sure, beauty is everywhere – even in the drabbest of settings.  But it takes a conscious mind and trained eyes to see the subtler, and more interesting beauty.  The second part is the act of capturing the beauty.  It is a challenge because our visual impressions, whether we are seeing beauty or not, are the results of a flood of information that unconsciously overwhelms our senses – all coming in with different perspectives, framings, depths of field, etc.  And out of deluge, thanks to our brain, which is a supercomputer, are clean images created that we believe we are seeing. The job of a photographer is to cut through this haze and capture in a "single shot" what he believes is the essence of what lies in front of him.  And that shot is successful only if it captures the richness of emotions that had captivated him in the first place.   This is hard work – because it is art work

Naimul Karim Naim personal website photgraphy twilight minnesota home dusk
Naimul Karim Naim personal website photgraphy winter pine cone
Naimul Karim Naim personal website photgraphy national park Utah
Naimul Karim Naim personal website photgraphy sail ship dusk Key West Florida
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