“Naim’s Shoebox” could have been an appropriate name for this website.  Shoebox as where we were used to stuff our printed photos - then hide them in a closet or in the attic, and then forget all about it.  Now of course, we are digitized and, instead, put our digital pictures on Facebook or Instagram, or what have you.  We share, get momentary oohs and aahs, but then let them disappear in the digital shoebox.  


I started this project as an antidote.  I wanted to create a collage of pictures, thoughts and videos that preserves memories – memories to be reminisced later just by me, or others.  But once I got started, I realized the bigger meaning of this. More on this later ….


But first things first – here is who I am, albeit in a tongue-in-cheek manner.  After all, life is too short, too crazy, and too unpredictable to be taken overly seriously.


Species: homo sapiens with 196 Neanderthal genetic variants (significantly lower then the average value, as certified by "23andMe")


Habitat:  Born in (former) East Pakistan, high school in Bangladesh, undergraduate in (former) East Germany, Ph.D. in (former) West Germany, otherwise productive activities in united Germany and the United States. 


Profession: 3M Corporate Scientist (retired April 2020).  34+ years of technology and product development experience, with 50+ patents in medical, dental, automotive and industrial fields. (List - not updated)


Hobbies:  Hiking, reading, line dancing, photography, intellectual deconstruction of The Matrix, tennis.


Hobbies in waiting:  Languages, visual arts.

Other Activities:  Board member, Apple Tree Dental non-profit organization                            

Board Member, Hudson Home and Grden Club, WI      

German teacher, 3M Club Language Society      

Languages:  Proficient in Bengali*), German and English.  Basic conversational Spanish.

*) A widely spoken language in South Asia that is also the seventh most spoken language in the world.  Bengali belongs to the Indo-Aryan family of languages and is derived from Sanskrit. Sanskrit’s origin goes back to the second millennium BCE and is the root of numerous Asian languages. Although it is not spoken any more, its influence is ever present. For example, most of the tongue twisting yoga pose names are in Sanskrit whose meaning is decipherable by speakers of all these derived languages. In a sense, Sanskrit is the Asian counterpart of Latin. Bengali literature has a millennium-old history and folks heritage and claims a Nobel laureate in literature (Rabindranath Tagore)

Contact:  naimul@gmail.com