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Photography - SLR Camera is a subsection of Photography

bunch of eggs, white and red, Y-DSC_0429b.jpg

Simply Eggs (On my dining table, 2008)

Y-DSC_1129a.jpg Seattle street sculpture dark blue sky

Street Sculpture (Seattle, WA, 2008)

Y-DSC_0412a.jpg cute little fawn in the lush green backyard

Are You Surprised? (In the backyard, 2011)

Y-DSC_2848b.jpg Turkish delight, morchella Morel

Morchella, aka Morel (Self foraged and before cooking, 2011)

Lake Champlain, VA, at  dusk

Dusk on Lake Champlain, VA (2011)

Hoar winter frost, ice crystals on chickewire mesh.Maplewood Nature Center_120204_0056.jpg

Hoar Frost in MN (In the neighborhood park, 2012)

Y-DSC_5242 full moon reflected on dark waters of Lake Superior at night

The Moon and the Sea (Lake Superior, MN, 2012)

Palm trunk Y-DSC_5637a.jpg

Palm Tree (California, 2013)

DSC_6267a Little green frog on cone flower

Waiting to be Kissed (In the Backyard, 2013)

Native American vase at Crazy Horse Museum. Y-DSC_8759a CR.jpg

Native American Potter (South Dakota, 2015)

Ice boulders on Lake Superior in winter in Minnesota Y-DSC_8250c.jpg

Ice Candy (Lake Superior in Minnesota, 2015)

Bee on a cone flower. Y-DSC_9371a.jpg

Cone Flowers (In the backyard, 2015)

Mesquite Sand Dunes in Deth Valley National Park, CA

Mesquite Sand Dunes (Death Valley National Park, 2018)

Bleeding heart flower

Bleeding Heart (In the backyard, 2024)

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