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Photography - SLR Camera is a subsection of Photography


Simply Eggs (On my dining table, 2008)

Y-DSC_1129a.jpg Seattle street sculpture dark blue sky

Street Sculpture (Seattle, WA, 2008)

Y-DSC_0412a.jpg cute little fawn in the lush green backyard

Are You Surprised? (In the backyard, 2011)

Y-DSC_2848b.jpg Turkish delight, morchella Morel

Morchella, aka Morel (Self foraged and before cooking, 2011)

Y-Maplewood Nature Center_120204_0056.jpg

Hoar Frost in MN (In the neighborhood park, 2012)

Y-DSC_5242 full moon reflected on dark waters of Lake Superior at night

The Moon and the Sea (Lake Superior, MN, 2012)


Palm Tree (California, 2013)

DSC_6267a Little green frog on cone flower

Waiting to be Kissed (In the Backyard, 2013)

Y-DSC_8759a CR.jpg

Native American Potter (South Dakota, 2015)


Ice Candy (Lake Superior in Minnesota, 2015)


Cone Flowers (In the backyard, 2015)

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