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Photography - Videos is a subsection of Photography

Videos too, preserve memory and taking videos too can be a form of art.  Compared to photography videography is richer because it is not constrained by a “single shot”.  But it is also a very different kind of art, requiring very different skills.  The videos I take has everything to do with preserving memory and nothing to do with art.  If something interesting is happening, and I happen to have my cell phone in hand - I just take a video. 


Here are some videos I have taken over the years – mostly around our home.  Even though we live in a suburb, we are fortunate to enjoy a very diverse wildlife.  That comes from a combination of things.  We have a pond in the backyard - and there are many such ponds in the neighborhood.  Moreover, the neighborhood has extensive pockets of connected greenery, which encourages wildlife to thrive.


Beyond wildlife, we also enjoy rather dramatic changes in weather throughout the year.  Minnesota happens to have a rather extreme climate, which makes for some great spectacles.  Enjoy!

Have you seen Diamond Dust?

A duck family in the backyard pond.

Redbud flowers  on the bank of the backyard pond

Little green frog.

Deer with fawn in the backyard

Dear with three fawns in the backyard

Turkey in the garden

SLR Camera.jpg

Still under construction

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